Angie’s Lifestyle Taos

Extremely Conservative and Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle in the Taos New Mexico area

This is an example of one living lifestyle you can find around the Taos area, where a free-spirited individual seizes the opportunity to live extremely modestly and environmentally friendly while enjoying the moderate climate and expansive views offered in the Taos area.

In this video, Angie shows off her modest living accommodations, including an outhouse for her toilet needs, an outdoor shower with water heated by the sun, and a very modest but comfortable 160 sq ft home.

Her home includes photovoltaic solar panels that provide electricity for her computer and lights. She has no refrigerator as she has lives a whole foods plant based lifestyle. And her water is supplied through a water catchment system with water collected and stored in containers in front of her house.

Because of her very conservative lifestyle, Angie needs to empty her single trash and recycling containers only once per year. She uses less than 5-gallons of propane a year for her modest cooking requirements. And her prmary heating source is her small wood-burning stove.

Mucho kudos to Angie and her extremely conservative and environmentally friendly lifestyle.