Real Estate Financing And Home Mortgages

Real Estate and Home Purchase Financing and Mortgages

Applying for a mortgage loan to finance your real estate purchase and actually closing on the loan and purchase are usually the most difficult task that a home buyer faces. For this very reason, many potential home purchasers never take that first step in enhancing and securing their future by making a home purchase. This along with the belief among many potential, but hesitant, home buyers that they need a large nest egg saved up for a down payment before they could ever even consider buying a home.

Did you know that there are home mortgage programs available that require no or very low down payments?

Did you know that on the average a home mortgage payment is less than a monthly rent payment? And that the money you pay on a home mortgage builds equity in your home investment and that the interest you pay on your mortgage is usually tax deductible if you meet Federal Income Tax guidelines based on your total income and other deductible expenses?

Here are just some of the mortgage home loan purchase programs available:

  • FHA
  • USDA
  • Conventional
  • VA

Check out this video detailing the differences and advantages between each home mortgage loan program:

More information and a home mortgage loan comparison chart:    Home Mortgage Loan Comparison Video and Chart

For more information on mortgage rates and to calculate your own specific mortgage payments visit our Home Mortgage Rates and Mortgage Calculator page.

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