Top 4 Reasons You Should Work With A Buyer’s Broker

1. A Seller’s Broker or Listing Broker or Agent Works for the Seller

When you work with a Seller’s Broker or the Listing Broker or Agent, you are essentially working with the person who has a written agreement with the Seller to represent the Seller’s best interests. So it is impossible for a Seller’s Broker or the Listing Broker or Agent to also represent your best interests and to do their absolute best to get you the best price and terms on a home they have listed for sale.

2. A Seller’s Broker or Listing Broker or Agent Wants to Sell Their Own Listings

Just as a matter of business, a Seller’s Broker wants to sell their own listings above those of other Brokers. When they do, they usually earn more commission, often twice as much commission, since they not only get the commission for listing the home or property, but they also get the commission for representing the Buyer in the transaction.

3. A Buyer’s Broker Can Show You Any Home or Property

If you choose to work with a Seller’s Broker or Listing Broker or Agent, unless you are only interested in that Broker’s own listings, you will need to schedule and coordinate seeing homes or properties with several to many different Brokers. When you work directly with a Buyer’s Broker, the Buyer’s Broker will schedule and coordinate all showings for you, and act as your knowledgeable guide as he or she takes you from home to home. So as you can see, it is a much more efficient use of your valuable time to work with a single Broker… a Buyer’s Broker.

4. It is Usually FREE to Work With a Buyer’s Broker

In most cases there is no charge to a Buyer to work with a Buyer’s Broker. This is because Sellers still pay all commission charges related to selling their home or property. One situation where this may not apply is for homes or properties that are listed for sale directly by the sellers, or homes or properties know as FSBOs, or “For Sale By Owner” properties. Still in most of these cases the seller or “owner” is willing to pay a commission to the Buyer’s Broker, but not in every case.

In addition, a Buyer’s Broker has a different perspective when viewing a home or property with a Buyer than a Seller’s Broker or Listing Broker or Agent might have. A Seller’s Broker is usually focused totally on selling their seller’s home or property and will usually have more of a “salesman” persona or pitch, whereas a Buyer’s Broker will be looking at the home or property through the eyes of their buyer, looking for positive features as well as defects or potential issues with the home or property.

So when looking for a home or land property, it is generally always better to seek out and work with a Buyer’s Broker.

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